Civil War Bowie Knives

These have become some of my favorite pieces to recreate. Most are copies of originals in their own uniqueness. Please inquire about a custom made piece that will be made just for your impression.


Boyle & Gamble Richmond Camp Knife

These were a popular blade throughout the civil war with Confederate soldiers. They were small and light weight and still were able to be used for a wide variety of tasks as well as fighting. Few styles of handles were used on these knives but this one in particular used a simple turned tool handle. paired with a Japaned tin sheath

Gerogia Arsenal Type I Bowie 

These are one of a kind bowies here. Only issued bowies in the entire civil war. Massive 18 inch blades with a turned handle and hand forged guard. 


Sharp & Hamilton D Guard 

Here is a copy of an original piece that is the only one known to exist. Sharp & Hamilton made many bowies for the Confederacy but they were all cast brass guards, this is the only one known with wood let alone a piece of burl. An exact copy of the original down the to forged guard and burl handle,

North Carolina Side Knife

This is based off of 5 surviving knives. their distinct shape is unique to itself. lathe turned handle with an iron furrel. These blades are light and balanced and simply prefect for any deep south impression