Recent Projects

Here is some of our recent finished projects. If you see something you can not live without, contact me and we would be happy to make a special piece just for you. Enjoy!


D Gaurd Bowie

This piece is a copy of an original surviving piece. The blade is 15.5 inches long with a hickory handle and a hand forged guard.

Sheffield Pattern Camp Knife

This is a classic Sheffield pattern I shaped into a small camp knife. perfect for everyday use. 


Sheffield Rio Grand Camp Knife

The Sheffield knives are a great piece of our history. Widely imported and distributed in the early days of the United States. These have a hefty sized blade with a false edge ground in for a spear point. jigged bone handles are a nice touch as the originals were seen with them.

Facine Knife 

Defiantly a unique piece. widely used in Europe for making hedges. also known as a Bill Hook.  As with any tool when war hit tools were used, these were brought in to cut brush to make fortifications as needed and even used as weapons.