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Trade Knives

Here is a few of the styles of 18th century Trade Knives we make. If there is none available in the store, feel free to contact us for when the next run of  trade knives will be done.


Dutch Trade Knife

These Dutch Trade knives are stunning! these were once the most widely traded knife. They sport a lathe turned and hand carved handle, with a brass bolster, 5-6 inch blades. these had many styles of carved handles and are a must for any 18th century impression.

English Trade Knife

These English\Trade knives are exactly what you need. widely traded with Natives make a perfect scalping knife, or just a great bag knife. Super light blade with a tapered partial 2 pin tang. A must have for any Colonial impression on the frontier.


French Boucheron Trade Knife

These unique French trade knives are great! They are copied from surviving original pieces. with the partial tapered tang they were handle on a variety of different materials ranging from horn to different species of wood. A must for an Early French and Indian War impressions,

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