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Unsigned Tennessee Rifle

 This amazing rifle is a near bench copy of an original Tennessee rifle that was loaned to me to copy. The original was unsigned and was partially burned from the lock forward. I used photos of near matched originals to recreate the fore stock hardware. This was a long build as all hardware beside the barrel, lock and triggers were hand forged to match the originals. Barrel was a .30 caliber 44 inch swamped Ed Rayl Barrel and flowed nicely in the walnut stock. Lock is the Henry Nock lock from Rice and the triggers were made by Ross Dillion. the unique tang was held down by three screws and goes up over the comb of the but stock. The trigger guard was forged and braised from 2 pieces of iron. The but plate was forged riveted and braised from 3 separate pieces of iron. The rear sight is an exact copy of the original in all details. it was made from wrought iron. The original gun was converted to percussion and still retained it feather hole between the toe plate and trigger guard. I added this touch to the copy as well. Overall it is a super slim well balanced rifle with every aspect of a southern mountain rifle.

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