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1849 Austrian Jeager 71 caliber

1849 Austrian Jeager 71 caliber

Here we present an antique Austrian Model 1849 Kammerbuchse Conversion Rifle, made circa 1852 in Austria. This musket was originally built with a tubelock firing mechanism, but was converted in Liege, Belgium before being sold to the U.S. government during the American Civil War. Arms shortages were most acutely felt for the North in the early years of the war before domestic production was able to ramp up. When the Civil War broke out, these weapons were purchased by Northern arms procurers and modified to percussion in Liege before shipment to the United States. Thousands of these rifles were imported by the Union and are known to have been issued to several Missouri militia units during the Civil War..

This rifle shows wear you would see on an antique musket. Comes with the Saber bayonet and a leather sling.

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